Are you a Violator?  Are you guilty of pawing, groping, molesting and generally man-handling people you encounter in order to view their tattoo collections?  Have you ever lifted, tugged or otherwise abused a stranger’s clothing to get a better glimpse of that exquisite artwork they’ve foolishly hidden from your sight?  Do you bear the shame of having caused or instigated an impromptu strip-tease in a public venue to feast your eyes on creative expressions in the flesh?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a Violator.

Now, before the streams of hate-mail begin, let me clarify.  A Violator, by my definition, is a person who tends (in their enthusiasm) to forget the more enduring of social graces; such as personal space and physical contact boundaries, public highlighting, and innocent (yet irritating) invasion of one’s daily grind. I say these things knowing fully well that none, and I mean NONE, of us get heavily tattooed without a thought to how much of a spectacle it will make us.  In fact, for many, that is exactly the attraction…becoming an attraction.  Rather, these folks are just so freaking excited to see nice tattoos that they “look with their hands.”

So you might be asking yourself, “Gee Whiz, Ken!  What should I do?  I’m a Violator through and through!”

Just relax and clear your mind.  Look, appreciate, but please, please, do not touch.

If absolutely necessary, you might be able to persuade someone to give you a much better show of their ‘body of work’ after some dating and such, but doing the struggle-snuggle with a stranger for a better view of their ribcage mural is fairly unwelcome.  Try to be considerate about others’ personal space, and treat them as you might wish a stranger to treat you.

Yes.  You.  Lady in line behind me at Circle K last week.  Please don’t paw at me.  You never know where someone’s hands have just been.

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