The weather is warming, the sun is shining, the birds are spontaneously combusting!  Summer project?  Hah!  I should know better when I make such predictions.  So, to begin again where I left off, it’s time to bring another of my talented compatriots into the glaring heat of the spotlight, and put him on the podium for the consumption of you fine folks.  So, without further adieu, meet Jake Kloos!

First, let me start by telling you, Jake is a straight forward kind of dude.  Here’s a guy that will not bullshit you, no matter what.  I feel it’s necessary to mention this, because it’s one of the very first impressions I had of him.  No facades, no smoke or mirrors…just pure Jake.  Have you ever been around someone with NO pretenses?  It’s like breathing clean air after living in smog.  As a point of example, when I gave Jake my interview form, it came back to me with nearly as much blank space on it as when I handed it to him.  No frills, no fluff.  Just the man, himself.

Jake is a Tucson native to the core.  From rock-crawling in his toy, aptly named The Squid, to soaking up the sun and fun in pursuit of his nickname, Lake Jake, this is a man who works hard and plays even harder.  I’ve learned much about trying to not sweat the little things and enjoy when I can by just being around Jake and watching him balance his incredible tattooing, fun seeking and all around good guy-ness.

Jake is one of the three owners of Trinity Art Collective here in Tucson, Arizona.  After a period as a mechanic, Jake realized that he could put his talents to better service by devoting himself full-time to tattooing, and thus he slugged it out in the trenches of the tattoo scene.  Continuously honing his skills, learning new techniques and pushing his own personal envelope has brought Jake to terrific success in his craft.  He is well-reviewed, well-liked, and this dude can rack up some serious trophy collections when it’s time to show off.  As a friendly and open professional, Jake has a way of really getting the most out of his relationships with his clients, which are the connections that make the difference between good tattoos and stellar ones.  A well rounded artist, Jake can handle any form or function of tattooing and make it fantastic, but much like any other artist, Jake has a favorite niche.

Jake loves color portraits and color realism work, and I must convey that his passion truly shines when he’s turned loose on a project that tickles his particular fancy.  His eye for light and shadow, and the delicate hues they create in color work reveal a masterful eye and delicate hand. His saturation and blending speak volumes to the patience and relative calm which Jake seems to have made the mainstays of every aspect of his being.  I realize it may seem like this author is gushing a bit about Jake’s personality.  Perhaps I am.  I feel almost anyone could really take a page out of Jake’s book and make their own day-to-day a little better.  I know I did.

Great dude.  Great friend.  Great artist.  ‘Nuff said!

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