We have had some exciting changes recently from a new shop setup, welcoming our friend Ken to the trinity family and have been working on a new website. Which we just launched, check our new site www.tucsontrinityart.com.

Features of the new site:

On the new site you can now stream what we are listening to at anytime.



TrinityContactFormYou can easily contact one of the artists at the shop or just email the shop for general questions. Yes appointments can be scheduled via this contact form. (please note all appointments are based on artist availability)




Trintiy-ReviewsYou can now see a couple of our reviews on the site or click the “See More Reviews” button to see all reviews or add your own.



Trinity-Arts-Artists One of the coolest features on the site, is that you now have access to the most recent artist portfolios.

Let us know what you think!¬†Thanks to all involved. Couldn’t have got it done without you.

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