Throughout the years of being tattooed and tattooing others, I have felt how easy it is to feel awkward at times while getting a tattoo (for some people). The tattoo process is such a personal experience, I believe that it is very important to choose an artist that you can trust and feel comfortable with. This, to me, makes for a better tattoo that both the client and artist can be proud of.
Communication is a huge part of this process. A client should be comfortable talking to their artist about what it is they’re wanting. I have noticed that people can feel kind of intimidated to speak up about something that they disagree with. It could be the design, placement, size, etc… I don’t think a client should keep their opinion to themselves when it comes to their tattoo. Because that just leaves them with a tattoo that they’re not 100 percent happy with, just because they didn’t want to offend their artist. I have had clients ask me to change things at the very last minute, and they “felt bad” about asking. I was just glad they said something while we could still wipe the stencil off. Incidences like this made me wonder how many people don’t say anything at all.
As an artist I feel great giving my clients everything they want in a tattoo. Even if it takes re-drawing a couple times. Although, I have clients ask me to do stuff that I don’t agree will look good. I have to be comfortable communicating my opinions to my clients in return. Without offending them either, of course. So, at the end of the day, choosing an artist that you trust and feel comfortable with will give you a more enjoyable experience. Feeling pressured to get a tattoo you are not 100 percent committed to is something no good artist wants for their client.

(This photo I have posted is of a hummingbird I did on a new client, that was referred by a friend. It was her first tattoo, she got it for her grandmother that recently passed away. She was unsure about a few things at first. We changed the size after seeing the stencil on, we also moved it around, AND left out the lily flower I initially drew with it. She ended up loving her special tattoo. I was more then happy with as well.)

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