I don’t always paint, but whenever I get a chance I love to push some paint around on a canvas. The hardest part for me is finding an idea to run with. I try to find information and ideas from random pictures or images on the internet. When I finally have the idea that I want to paint, i’m usually not around my canvas to lay out it out.
I only ever used acrylics when I painted until just a few weeks ago.  I just used them so much I felt like I knew them inside and out.  I quickly found out that when I used water with the acrylics I could thin them out and have it stay wet longer to blend and shade different areas.  This technique worked out great because of the way in which I painted.  The best technique I use is to move around the canvas as much as I can.  I do this by painting an area then moving to another area on the canvas this way the previous area starts to dry and I can come back and add more paint.
Recently I have started to play around with Oil paints.  I could not be more excited to paint!  The hard part now is to find time with such a busy work schedule, family and life in general.  The best part I have found with oils is all the different mediums that I have to chose from.
I like some of the Winsor&Newton Original. It thins the oil out so you can stretch it out over a good distance but at the same time seems to dry fast and have a good amount of gloss in it. I’ve used a few of their mediums now and all are good, but you’ll definitely have to try them for yourself. I can’t say that I like one more than the other because its all going to depend on what you want to achieve in your work of art.

There are so many ways that you can add to the oil pigments that I think any artist can find one that they like. The Gamblin paints are what we have been using here at Trinity, some of the lighter colors I have noticed are a little watered down compared to some of the darker colors… which isn’t a bad thing in some cases. I myself like to use a lot of medium to thin them out a bit. it will be up to you, the artist, to try them out and see which ones work best for you. HAPPY PAINTING!!!!

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