Kevin Patrick

My name is Kevin Patrick; I am a devoted father/husband and a dedicated artist. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and come from a family of artists. Although our art comes in many different forms we all share the same passion and dedication. I live art every day and studied it all through school. I have a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Center of Tucson. Seeing that sitting behind and computer all day at a desk wasn’t for me I started my career as a tattoo artist in 2007. Tattooing has been my passion ever since. I love everything about it, the art, environment, industry and most of all my clients. Without them I wouldn’t have any of this. Early in my career I set goals for myself some of which I have achieved (awards for my work, solid clientele and respect from my peers). In December of 2014 a dream became a reality when I set out to become a business owner and partner along with two great friends and amazing artists. Together we opened Trinity Art Collective.

Today I still carry the same work ethic and integrity that was instilled in me as a young child from my parents. As a self-taught tattoo artist I’ve worked hard to make sure that I could learn everything possible to become better every day. I love tattooing Black and grey realism but pride myself on being able to do all genres of tattooing, from American Traditional to script. My motivation comes from the most important thing in life, my family. My three amazing children and beautiful wife have been there for me every day. They have endured the long hours and days away traveling to tattoo expos so I could achieve the goals I’ve set forth. I owe them everything and would not be the artist or man I am today without them.

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