If you are reading this, know that the proverbial egg is on my face.  I, being the “blog-guy” for our little operation, have been delinquent in delivering on my end of the arrangement to provide you, the faithful and true, assorted facts, tales and opinions from the heart of Trinity Art Collective and our place within the Tattoo Universe.  In this faux-pas, I apologize.

Now…on to better things!  We (with the exception of our brave Erika Jo defending the homeland from the forces of Darkness) packed our tools and lucky charms and took to the skies, bound for the frost-laden city of Philadelphia to attend the 18th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention on the weekend of February 12th through the 14th, 2016.  Having never been to the East Coast for any reason other than changing planes, I was stoked.  We were all pretty stoked.

The Philly Expo, as we will call it henceforth, has a reputation of being an enormous event that attracts thousands upon thousands of spectators and potential clients.  That’s saying nothing about the huge number of vendors, artists, shops, organizations, media reps, entertainment insiders, and just plain ole’ weirdos walking around, doing their thing. Spoiler Alert: It’s all true.  More than true.  Kevin, Jake, Tony and I were cranking away all three days, and not just on the tattoos we had planned on.  This one’s a working convention…the best!  People want to get tattooed, so go ready to tattoo ’em!

Afterhours activities were kept to a dull roar.  Don’t know if that’s being smart or getting old, but I’ll call it smart for my ego’s sake.  Sure, there were drinks to be had.  For instance, have you ever had a Frontier Old Fashioned?  Holy crap!  AMBROSIA!  How about a Yuengling Lager?  I’m not a beer guy (I prefer bourbon, if I must imbibe) but this stuff was fantastic!  This is a great opportunity to give a shout to our new friend Jake over at Cavanaugh’s in Philly.  If you’re in town, go let Jake hook you up with some Yuenglings and a few of his signature Cucumber Kamikaze shots…trust me, they’re freaking divine.

Saturday night was the Cheesesteak Challenge night.  We had a couple appetite enhancers and caught a ride to South Philly with an awesome Uber driver named Kenneth, who proved to be every bit as passionate about sports as our beloved Kevin.  Arriving at the famed corner, we were greeted by Pat’s and Geno’s.  I’ll tell you, we each had half of one of those enormous sandwiches from each place and the debate was a heated one.  In the end, I estimate we concluded that Pat’s won our challenge, but only by the barest margin.

With temperatures hovering south of nothing and occasional snow making us scurry for cover, it was not difficult to take to the air again, bound for warmer climes.  We did, however, come home with some extra baggage.  Our own Kevin Patrick brought home the trophy for 2nd place Medium Black and Grey for a beautiful tattoo he did on our man, Jake Kloos!

So now we’re home and packing again, this time for the 8th Annual Tucson Tattoo Expo, March 4th through 6th, here in Tucson, Arizona!  That’s right, folks, that’s THIS WEEKEND!  Now’s your chance to see the sights, smell the smells, hear the hears, touch the touches, and taste the tasties that my eloquent descriptions of our convention scenery have no-doubt inspired in your fruitful imaginations! Yes, folks, all this!  All this and more, just step right up here….

Come on out and have some fun!

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