Hello and hope you’re well, tattoo fanatics!  Welcome, then, to another installment of our lovely blog.  Off topic, doesn’t ‘blog’ almost sound a bit vulgar?  Like something unfortunate that happens in a bathroom after gas-station sushi or something.  Anyone feeling me on this, or am I just reading too much into tech-vernacular?  Does it matter?

Anyway, today I am working unscripted.  I have an idea.  A vision, if you will.  If you’re game to hear what it’s about, read on!  If not, well…there are always cat videos.

In my 15 years of tattooing the hides of some of southern Arizona’s greatest citizens, one thing has constantly put a bug up my backside about the state of our industry here in T-Town.  Can someone, anyone, please shed some light on why our small, highly specialized and absolutely diverse community of tattoo artists and shops act like sharks in the pool at a teenage girl’s swim party?  Seriously.  15 years of “so-and-so hates what’s-his-name for, like, no reason.”  To grow is to change, and someone must lead the way. In absence of anyone else trying to lead the way, I’ll take it upon myself.  Hence, the Spotlight.

The Artist Spotlight will be supplementary to our regularly scheduled programming.  No worries, boys and girls, we’ll still be bombarding you with mind-blowing facts and earth-shattering advice on topics of all things mighty and eternal in tattooing!  It’s just my first step in trying to affect a change in our community.  We’re all soldiers in the same trenches, here.  I will spotlight our artists, your artists, your shops, our shop…no prejudice.  No angle.  Just good info, professional review, and a short interview to give you some insight into the Artist or Shop in the ‘light!

On that topic, ladies and *cough* gentlemen, I turn to you.  If there is an artist you would like to know more about, a shop you would like a glimpse of, or even questions our features can answer for you, please send your suggestions to ken@tucsontrinityart.com.

It can’t have escaped the attention of those who love tattoos that Tucson, Arizona has become quite the hotbed for tattoo art in the last few years.  You would need a few fingers to count the number of Tucson artists that have thrust themselves into the national spotlight on popular genre-specific cable programs.  There are names in this business that carry weight, and more than a few of those names have their roots right here in T-Town.  I’m sure before that summer sun departs from us and leaves fall in our faces (bonus points for double-entendre) more than a few of those names will have been highlighted right here.

Now, with introduction out of the way and intentions made as clear as crystal, it is time to begin this little project of mine.  I’ll try to be a good reporter, but Katie Couric I am not…so a little slack is requested.

For our first installment, I figured a simple approach might be best.  So we go in-house and spotlight one of Trinity’s very own.  Internet, meet Erika Jo.  Erika Jo, meet the Internet.  On with the show.


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