Here at the shop we get asked this question a lot by clients and first timers.
being in the industry for 9 years it’s always nice to receive a tip, but its not necessary. It’s always nice to know your hard work is appreciated. I know I can speak for everyone here at Trinity Art Collective when I say that we pour our hearts into these tattoos.

I aways think about people that wait on me at restaurants or when I get my car detailed, or just any one that provides a service for you. I feel if you’re happy with what you receive, then it’s worth a little extra. Especially if it’s one person doing a personal service for you or your family.

Some people might say that tipping is not necessary or that 10% is good, and that’s fine for most people. I believe, when it comes to tattoos, that ideas like that should be tossed out the window. The only reason I say this is because most people don’t see what goes into a well done tattoo. Yes, the process of doing the tattoo is hard enough… and that is the only thing you are charged for at Trinity. But there is so much more that goes into it. Sometimes, it takes days or weeks to research ideas and look for inspiration in other references. Sometimes it takes a few days just to get a sketch ready. We spend a lot of time on the research of references for our client’s tattoos so we know the tattoos that we do are one of a kind every time.

So to sum it up, I don’t believe that tipping is always necessary, but it’s nice to know you gave your clients exactly what they were asking for. Sometimes you exceed those expectations and its nice to be rewarded for the effort made. So the next time you receive your awesome piece of artwork from your tattoo artist, don’t be afraid to show them a little appreciation at the end. They will always thank you for the support of them and their families. Thank you for looking and hope to see you all in the shop soon!!

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One thought on “Should You Tip Your Tattoo Artist?

  1. Chris spencer 6 years ago

    Cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap! You guys are the best in the business! If it’s a little banger, or a full backpiece, if you love it, tip your tattoo artist! Keep up the good work guys!