I know what you might be thinking.

“It’s WAY too soon for another exciting installment of the Trinity Art Collective blog,” right?

While, technically, it might be just a smidge early to lay out another glistening morsel of literary info-tainment, it would seem that I have had a bit of an event.

It has been pointed out to me by a source BEYOND reproach that the vast majority of the blog articles I pen for your eyeballs to glut upon are largely negative in tone and subject.  Frankly, I must agree.  Looking back on it, this is a remarkably true statement.  Whether griping about the flaws in recent tech developments, bitching about the proliferation of kitchen-magicians or even cutting loose about the general wackiness of our industry at large, there is a noticeable dearth of positive perspective.  I’m hoping you all will grant me the satisfaction of providing a bit of sunshine.  I would like to take a few minutes to recognize a few very important, and very positive, things about tattooing as a passion and a career.

There are countless people, and just as many wording choices, that express the general public’s sense of what we, as tattoo artists, do for a living.  There have always been questions, candid and bold, that pry into our general quality of life and career satisfaction.  Now, of course, we naturally tend to angle toward pointing out the stresses, chaos and anxieties involved (probably to keep our own pool a bit shallow), I’m here today to do something massively different.  I’m here to tell you we LOVE our jobs, and maybe a bit about why.


First and Foremost, it’s you.  You mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters that come to us with your quest for change and art.  Bluntly, we would not exist at all if not for you, our clients and friends., who employ our skills to create for your purposes.  One of the greatest aspects of this crazy job is the people that you meet along the way.  I, myself, can comfortably say that a majority of those folks that I call ‘friends’ were people I met in the course of my work.  Hell, I met my wife when I tattooed her all those many years ago!  This is a social scene like none you have ever witnessed before…we literally tattoo folks from EVERY walk of life, income bracket, or side of the tracks.  From street pharmacists to the judges that put them behind bars, and all points in between, gang-bangers and law-makers, sinners or saints, we provide the art for all parts of a big, beautiful world.  The stories, anecdotes and experiences that are shared with us on our fleshly adventures are seldom forgotten, and those folks who have touched us with the texture of their human spirit will never be forgotten.

It is often joked about, in our circles…tattoo artists should eventually compose coffee-table books.  Let me tell you, kids, there is far more truth to this than meets the eye!  Fifteen years of this joyride have shown me every extreme and every moderation I can imagine, and I suspect I’ve only scratched the surface.


I have what most people dream of, really.  I wake up every day excited to come to work.  I love the people I work with.  I love where I work.  I make a good living doing something that brings me tremendous satisfaction and happiness.  In short, yes…yes, it is a Dream Job.  It is not without its own set of stresses and such, but I fail to find reason to complain in light of all the perks of the profession.  Create like and artist, party like a rock star (and sometimes WITH rock stars,) and tackle every day on my own terms.  We tattoo artists, or at least this one, lead pleasantly charmed existences.  Sure, everyone has some issues ,but on the whole?  Wouldn’t change a damn thing.  And the top-shelf reason for any of it being possible at all?

It was always about you, John and Mary Q.  All you Freaks and Normies, Stepfords and People of Walmart, it has always been, and will forever be, possible because of you.

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