About Us

About Trinity

Here at Trinity art collective our mission is to give our clients the most unique and personal experience possible. From innovative techniques to comfortable environment.
We offer a wide variety of artists and styles. From the artwork on our walls to the atmosphere and attitude we strive for excellence on all levels. Our clients desires are number one, so we want to continue to have a studio that offers the highest quality of products and services.

Established in 2015 a change from your typical tattoo studio. We create the highest quality tattoos using the latest modern and traditional equipment and techniques in a clean, safe and inspiring environment. We specialize in custom black and grey realism, color realism, asian, new school and lettering and portraits.

We represent a generation of body art modification and stand behind every client that wants to express their individuality.


Fabulous location for a variety of artists. Best tattoo artists in town! Quality product and exceptionally clean environment!

Tani Wade

Very clean and great staff will go back again.

Allen Frasier

That are always very busy but well worth the wait the did a awesome job for my sons first tattoo

Sheryl Pedigo

The Process


The first step in the tattooing process is the selection of a design. Most tattoo shops will have pre-drawn pictures that you can choose from…


This step can come into play before or after choosing your design, but the placement of the tattoo is important. Take into consideration that some designs fit better in…


Once you’ve chosen your design and talked with the artist, he or she will typically make a ditto or an outline for your skin, unless they are free handing the design…

Tattoo Aftercare

It’s normal for the area around the tattoo to look a little red when the tattooing process is done. It’s also okay to see a little blood, although bleeding should stop fairly quickly…