Tony 4 Fingers

At an early age I was introduced to the world of tattooing. All throughout my school years I was getting in trouble for drawing on schoolwork and assignments when I should not have been. I had a few friends back in high school tattooing people with home made machines. I borrowed a machine and did my first attempt at tattooing back in 1994 on one of my best friends. We did a few tattoos but I never pursued it more than that.

I joined the Marines after high school and after my first year a friend of mine convinced me to buy a Spaulding and Rodgers Tattoo Kit out of a magazine. I got my tax return back and purchased a kit. I sought out an apprenticeship but keep getting denied and told to keep tattooing and come back. So I left for Okinawa Japan, and tattooed anyone I could. Once back in the states I looked for another apprenticeship and again was denied over and over. So I just took it upon myself to keep tattooing and see where it went. I tattooed all over and even on a Navy ship in sea state 5 waves. If you know what that is then you know what I’m talking about. I continued tattooing on and off for years until my wife linked up with an old art college friend. He had seen some of the tattoos that I did on my wife and soon after went in to see about possibility working at that shop. I messed around with sweeping and mopping etc for a few months then Tattooed a walk in one day and now 8 years later opened my own shop with two good friends.